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A Lifetime of Acting

I reside in New York City, this city not only serves as my home, but as my muse. I am constantly inspired by the diversity, spontaneity, and rawness of New York City and its magnificent people. The unique qualities that make up this city are also ones that I strive to achieve in my acting. As an actor, un-censored truth is the most powerful technique. Lots of people can act; no one else in the world can be you. I have been in over 20 films and network television shows in my past 10 years as a professional SAG actor. I have also worked in a multitude of other positions in the field including crew, production, and marketing. I adore collaboration, which is why I strive to work in as many aspects of the field as possible.

Senior Client Operations Analyst

I am currently a Senior Client Operations Analyst for the Global Business Operation department at the worlds largest independent advertising technology company, AppNexus. I've grown with the company since 2011 where the people, product, and overall innovation never cease to amaze me.

Certified Sommelier

In preparation for my month-long adventure in Italy and Spain in the Fall of 2017, along with a lifelong pursuit of interesting wines, I passed my Certified Sommelier examination.

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